Noncommercial Partnership “The Association of the enterprises of steel industry” (the Partnership) is a non-profit organization, having as its members leading Russian railway equipment manufacturers which have their own foundry production.

The Association was established in 2014 by a number of manufacturers in order to protect the rights and lawful interests of its members, shape uniform technological and economic approaches to the manufacture of modern rolling stock and components, and develop market relations in the railway manufacturing industry.



The admission fee (a one-off payment) is RUB 130,000 and is payable within 10 calendar days from the receipt of written notice of admission to the Association.

As stipulated in Minutes No. 1-2016 of the Annual General Meeting, dated 30 June 2016, the annual membership fee for a manufacturer of heavy railcar castings is calculated at a rate of RUB 30 per ton of railcar castings produced during the reporting year. Annual fees are payable by each member in quarterly installments. Each installment is equal to one quarter of the annual membership fee.

A member, which is not a manufacturer of heavy railcar castings, pays a monthly membership fee of RUB 50,000 (to be paid quarterly).